The transformation of LinkedIn from ‘Facebook for professionals’ to mandatory career tool has changed networking for job seekers around the world. No longer purely the domain of CEOs and directors, LinkedIn is now utilised by industry veterans, university graduates and even high school students.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you are already starting behind the rest of the pack. We’ve compiled five significant ways that having LinkedIn can boost your career prospects.

1. LinkedIn is an online resume

In years gone by, a resume was how you outlined your skill sets, experience, education and worth to a prospective employer. LinkedIn is a digital CV, one that can be regularly updated at a moment’s notice. It’s also split into sections that allow you to list specific achievements and contributions that you may not be able to fit onto a typical A4 resume, allowing the user to build a visible portfolio online.

2. It’s the new way to get a job

The job market has changed in recent times, with recruitment of employees shifting towards a more online structure. Recruiters and head hunters are constantly perusing LinkedIn for candidates suited to specific roles, using their various connections to target the right person. This is why it’s crucial to have an up-to-date profile, as your skills and experience may just be exactly what a recruiter is looking for.

3. Connections you make now will help you out later

LinkedIn offers the most comprehensive professional network you will ever find, so it’s crucial to tap into as many different people as possible. Building connections with colleagues, clients and acquaintances in both related and unrelated industries might not seem particularly valuable at the time but you never know, this individual could wind up recommending your company or dropping your name for a prospective role.

4. Develop a positive reputation

When used effectively, LinkedIn can be very quid pro quo in that you can endorse your connections, and they can do the same for you. If you are being vetted for a new job or a promotion, they will likely check out whether you have been recommended by colleagues, clients or employees, and this may be the difference between receiving a call or being passed over.

5. LinkedIn will top your Google search

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when you are applying for a job, those hiring will do a quick Google search for your name. In fact, it happens roughly 80 per cent of the time. It’s safe to assume you will be among the majority who are searched online, so having a current and thorough LinkedIn page is crucial.


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