Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of those concepts that many people claim to have heard about but don’t necessarily understand. In a nut shell, it is intelligence demonstrated by machines (think playing ‘against the computer’ on a gaming console) and has been applied to various industries over the last few decades, including finance and logistics.

The use of AI in healthcare is not a brand-new idea but certainly looks like spiking in the near future, a transition that will bring new benefits and challenges to the sector. IntelliHQ is a not-for-profit partnership with Gold Coast Health, universities and industry, and their aim is to transform healthcare using AI, enhancing patient outcomes and improving quality of care.

What will AI offer?

There are several ways AI will reshape the healthcare industry. Virtual Health Assistants (VHA) are ideal for patients battling dementia who need a reminder to take their medication, algorithms may be available as smartphone apps to diagnose cancerous moles and healthcare bots that can answer medical queries with instant messaging.

How will it benefit the health sector?

The implementation of AI will improve medical imaging such as MRIs and x-rays and consequently, reduce wait time for patients from potentially weeks to just a few hours. AI is predicted to improve efficiency significantly, thus reducing human error and making considerable savings.

We live in a society now accustomed to instant feedback thanks to the likes of Google and more recently, virtual assistants like Siri. This is no different when in the medical realm and technology allows patients to conduct their own research and receive an instant response.

What are the challenges?

A major concern with AI is accuracy and ensuring devices are equipped with the latest data, which requires constant updating. Another big issue will be getting industry professionals to adopt AI on a widespread level, as will be training clinicians and educating patients.

IntelliHQ will be discussing the role of AI in the healthcare industry in Australia when they present at the Gold Coast ACS Seminar. This will be a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about AI and the health sector.

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