The latest enrolment data shows that Adelaide is living up to its reputation for the arts. The Festival State has seen a staggering increase in enrolments for creative arts courses across its three universities. In the 15 years between 2001 and 2016, enrolments in creative arts courses have increased by a staggering 153 per cent. This aligns with the trend across the whole country, however the rate of increase for all Australian universities is a comparatively modest 47 per cent.

With so much arts-related activity in the tertiary sector, it stands to reason that Adelaide is leading the country in innovative spaces for creative businesses and individuals. St Paul’s Creative is at the forefront of specialist co-working environments, providing an incubation space for businesses and entrepreneurship in the arts industry.

Spaces that cater to businesses and ventures outside the realm of startups and entrepreneurship are important to promote diversity in the city’s economy. As Western Australia has discovered, relying heavily on a single industry to keep the state running can leave it struggling when the boomtime is over. St Paul’s Creative is an environment that encourages collaboration, ideal for creatives to connect with mentors, peers and other industry professionals. By creating a central hub, equipped with internet, private rooms, training spaces, and more, St Paul’s Creative has brought together a like-minded community to harness creativity, grow businesses and share ideas.

Discover more about St Paul’s Creative and its creative co-working space at the ACS Seminars. They will be hosting the Adelaide event and will be available to answer questions about the future of creative industries in the city and upcoming endeavours.

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