Over the last ten years, Electrical Group Training (EGT) has been proud to see over 1,500 apprentices successfully complete their apprenticeship, with many of them moving on to a life-long career in the electrical industry. Recently three of those apprentices shared the stories of their career, where it has taken them and what has made them successful. In the first of a series of articles, we are pleased to introduce Taylor Harrison, Service Manager for Consolidated Electrical Solutions.

After completing his apprenticeship in 2010, Taylor moved into the petrochemical industry, working as an electrician for a company that constructed service stations. He stayed with them for five years and during that time, he was promoted and transferred to South Australia where he had the opportunity to control and supervise the majority of their projects, honing his project management skills as well as his confidence.

He returned to Perth with a new skill set and readiness to start his own business and three years ago started up Consolidated Electrical Solutions with business partner Mark Bond.

“We started the business with not much more than our skills, a strong work ethic and the determination to succeed,” explained Taylor. “The petrochemical sector is a very specialised industry and it’s hard to break into. Although we had previously worked in the industry, it was a challenge to get the business off the ground.”

The turning point came when they managed to win a project for a fully-automated fuel farm for a major mining company. They successfully completed the challenging project with only two staff members, resulting in a happy client and a cemented spot in the industrial sector. This has paved the way for a range of new projects and provided the platform for the business’s ongoing growth and success.

In addition to successfully delivering the fuel farm project, Taylor had two other major career highlights to note.

“One highlight has been achieving ISO accreditation,” he said. “We are a young and small company but we wanted to have effective business systems in place right from the beginning.”

“Another major highlight was winning the Small Contracting Business Award and the commendation for the Work Health and Safety Management System Award in the 2017 NECA Excellence Awards,” Taylor said. “Receiving this recognition has motivated us to work even harder.”

Taylor believes doing his apprenticeship at EGT provided the foundations for his current success. “The beauty of EGT is the broad range of experience that you gain. I had the opportunity to move around every three months and work for different employers in different parts of the industry. The electrical industry is so broad and sometimes it can be hard to determine exactly what area you want to work in. Being able to move around and experience a variety of electrical sectors allowed me to discover where I wanted to be.”

“The varied experience has also allowed me to develop a business that is capable of producing quality work in a variety of electrical areas, from domestic work right through to large scale industrial and commercial projects with large specifications. It’s rare for a small business to have the capacity to deliver such a diverse range of projects.”

It is this variety of projects and the opportunity to work with lots of different people that Taylor enjoys most about his role.

The other aspect of his apprenticeship that Taylor valued was the chance to do additional training such as PLC, Instrumentation and Hazardous Areas. “I think it’s great for apprentices to have lots of opportunities to grow their skill level,” said Taylor.

For those currently working through their apprenticeship, Taylor had the following advice: “Chase your dream. Nothing will be handed to you on a plate, but if you work hard, opportunities will arise and you will achieve your goals. A strong work ethic and positive attitude will set you up for success.”

With an eye to the future, Taylor is constantly seeking out new opportunities for his business. “Keeping up with constant technological changes is a challenge and we are positioning our company to allow us to continue to diversify and be at the forefront of that change.”

EGT is proud to have played a role in Taylor’s success and we wish him all the best for the future. For information about electrical apprenticeships with EGT visit egt.net.au or call (08) 6241 6100

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