Nominations open for Australian Career Book Awards

The Australian Career Book Award nominations have opened and will close on Friday 29 June 2018. Nominations are being accepted from publishers, literary agents and individual writers of career books published after 1 January 2017. This is the first year of the award so the time period is longer than will be the case in future years. The award ceremony will be held in Melbourne in October 2018.

There is no submission fee, and nominators are required to initially submit only two copies of the book. These books will be reviewed by the Award Convener and the Director RSA ANZ to determine the six finalist books. The nominators of the finalist books will be required to submit a further four copies to be assessed by the full Award Committee of RSA Fellows and career professionals.

The award criteria are:

  • Readable: A book submitted for the award should be suitable for audience and purpose, and be at an appropriate readability rating level.
  • Reachable: The book should have the widest popular reach with consideration for the target audience.
  • Reliable: Book content should be accurate and internally consistent.
  • Relevant: Book content should be aligned with the career and employability needs of the contemporary Australian audience.
  • Researched: Current research on career issues should be used to support opinions, propositions, and practices deployed by the author.

A set of appropriate descriptors has been developed to assist the Award Committee to make the final decision on the awarded book for 2018.

The Royal Society of Arts Australia and New Zealand is supporting the award as part of its ongoing mission of social development based on the core principles of creativity, inclusivity, and responsibility. The RSA has been awarding progressive excellence since 1754 and continues that process in Australia with this inaugural award.

The award application form along with further information on the process and award criteria can be found at For further information on the submission process contact the Convener Lawrence Arnold FRSA at or (03) 9880 7649 (BH)/0449 746 955 (AH)


  1. Lawrence Arnold-Reply
    June 10, 2018 at 3:40 am

    I’ve seen some good Australian career books out there this year, so hope they all nominate for the award. To my belief, this is the first award specifically for a career book. Does anyone know of an earlier award?

  2. Lawrence Arnold-Reply
    July 26, 2018 at 2:00 am

    Thanks to ACS for advertising this award. We have listed five ‘finalist books’ for the Award Committee to start reviewing based on the award criteria. see the finalist list aon

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