23 July 2019

Sydney 2019 ACS Seminar

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NSW Australian education and career landscape

The NSW Government has pledged $2.1 million towards their Local Innovation Network (LIN) collaboration with Jobs for NSW. The LIN initiative is designed to combat the unique challenges regional entrepreneurs face when starting their own businesses, while also boosting innovation and start-up culture in rural communities. 

The re-election of the Liberal Party in the recent NSW state polls will see the state’s schools and families benefit from a comprehensive education package. Before and after care hours will expand to cater to busy parents, while the construction of new schools and recruitment of thousands of extra staff will ease the pressure on the current education system. 

The Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda will enter its final stage, with over $500 million in funding being allocated towards the promotion of STEM participation and digital literacy. The subject of technological innovation is further explored through the Diversity in Tech theme of the 2019 edition of The Good Careers Guide. 

To learn more about the education and careers landscape in New South Wales, as well as on a national scale, ensure you attend the Sydney ACS Seminar.

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