ACS supports best practice and innovation in the delivery of careers programs and promotes career education as a professional and recognised field of endeavour.


The Australian Careers Service is a free membership service developed for career practitioners. ACS members have access to a range of useful resources that are designed to help professionals keep up to date with the latest developments in the field.

ACS Newsletter

As an ACS member, you will receive each ACS Newsletter straight to your email. The newsletter is published four times a year and features industry news and reflections, conference information and practitioner profiles.

Free professional development events

The Australian Careers Service runs a number of information seminars, networking events and focus groups every year, including our renowned ACS Seminars. Through these events you will not only gather a wealth of industry knowledge, but also have the opportunity to provide your input on the future of career education services.

Industry Insights

With our wealth of industry research, third-party partnerships and expert knowledge on the education and career sectors, the Australian Careers Service provides its members with insightful information that can then be passed on to those that you advise.

Member-only Special offers

Easily access renowned career tools and resources designed to optimise the services you provide to those that you advise. ACS members also receive an exclusive discount on Good Education career and education resources.
These include:

  • The Good Careers Guide
  • The Good Schools Guide
  • The Good Universities Guide
  • Studies in Australia

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